Boundary Survey

If you are the owner, purchaser or seller of real estate, you will at some point in time require the services of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor to determine the location of your property boundaries.

A boundary survey involves diligent research of the historical records of the property and expert measurement and analysis to determine an on the ground location of the property boundaries. The marking of the property boundaries and the restoration, rehabilitation or replacement of the corner monuments that control the location of the property boundary lines.

The boundary survey will also take into consideration the location of all property boundaries that abut or adjoin the property being surveyed to identify any existing or potential conflicts.

The boundary survey can be used as the basis for a real estate transaction, resolution of disputes involving the location of boundaries, land development or the location of easements or rights-of-way.

When a boundary survey is performed in conjunction with a real estate transaction, North Texas Surveying will work closely with your title company or attorney to review all exception documents listed in the title commitment to determine their effect on the property.