Subdivision Platting

A subdivision plat is a map that shows how land is divided, typically in a subdivision. Subdivision platting occurs when a larger parcel of land is separated into multiple, smaller parts of land. The subdivision plat is a legal document used to define property boundaries.

Depending on the location of the property, a subdivision plat is normally required when the owner of a tract of land divides the tract in two or more parts to lay out a subdivision of the tract. This requirement was established by state statute and regulated by the local governing body. The Registered Professional Land Surveyor should be familiar with the local subdivision ordinance regulating the division of property.

The platting process includes the design and layout of the proposed lot configuration, preparation of the subdivision plat and required dedications along with the plat application.

From a 2 lot subdivision to a 400 lot neighborhood, the complexity of your subdivision plat will dictate the amount of time necessary to obtain all of the required approvals by the governing body. We at North Texas Surveying can assist and guide you through the platting process.